3 Reasons I Want to Start a Blog

Why blog? This is a great question! In a sea of unlimited online information and voices from much better writers than myself, it seems ridiculous for me to do this.

You don’t know enough.

You aren’t funny enough.

You don’t have an interesting life.

Why would anyone listen to you?

What good is this going to do?

Those are all fair questions and my only question back is why not blog? I have been reading blogs for years and in all that time I have only been a consumer of information. I feel like I want to create now so that I can give something back. I am not totally sure what that something is, but I want to start this journey and not just be a consumer of information but a contributor.

In this initial blog, I want to give 3 of my reasons for doing this.

Practice Creating 

I have been trying to build and create things since I was little. I have tried a lot of different creative avenues, and writing is something that always interested me. I have never been good at it, just ask my high school english teacher. I’ve heard from many wise men over the years in different arenas that creativity is a discipline. Having this blog will stretch me creatively, give me more practice to get better, and help me to cultivate that discipline.

Stay Connected to Friends and Family

I have never been great at updating social media. I check social media a lot, but sharing my life in a quick picture or phrase has never been easy. My hope is that through this blog it will help my friends and family stay connected with me since I moved across the country. Since we have moved to North Carolina, we have been talking to our friends and family more than ever. This is great, but it is also hard to keep everyone updated with what is going on in the life of the Voigt Family. If I am able to keep people more updated, then maybe I will be able to keep up with people as well.

To Inspire Someone to Pursue a Passion

Writing isn’t necessarily a passion of mine, but creating things is a passion. There is almost no greater feeling than when you finish a project and step back to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Recently I built a stand for my cell phone to help me watch videos at night before bed. It was a simple problem, but it took a lot of thought and problem solving to build the little guy. I didn’t have the saw I needed, so I improvised and made a decent cut. I think it turned out great! It serves its purpose, and I plan on staining it eventually to make it look even better. The point is that it was a simple project that didn’t take much other that what I had laying around. I hope that someone is inspired to start something today with what they have. You don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers. Just start! I am an amateur at everything I do, but if I keep at it maybe one day I can be great.

Thanks for reading my first blog. Give me grace as I learn and grow! What blogs do you guys read? Who do you think I can learn from? Please let me know!


Phone Holder

Iphone 6+ Stand


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Want to Start a Blog

  1. I love your little stand and I am so excited to follow your blog….I just need to know how I can be updated when you write again 🙂


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