How an Audition Changed My Life

You really never know what small decisions will have a major impact on your life. While I was in College at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX I got a call from a guy I didn’t know asking if I wanted to play bass in a band. Justin Moore was putting together a band for a new worship service for college students called Paradigm. I love to play music so I said yes without really knowing much more than that. Thankfully I didn’t mess up the audition and Justin allowed me to join the band on Thursday nights.

I didn’t really know much about Paradigm but God used it to change my life forever!

I learned about discipleship.

I met my best friends.

I went on lots of mission trips.

I lead my first small group.

I was a part of a movement.

And the list could keep going…

When I auditioned I could not have known the things I know now. I was just a punk kid that selfishly wanted to play in another band. God used that to radically change my life. I am so thankful that Nick Cooper decided to move to Stephenville to start Paradigm.

There are not neon flashing signs that help you know what decision of yours is going to really make an impact. I think that is part of the fun of life. The mystery and unknown is exciting to me. I love adventure and exploring new areas.

I want to encourage you today. Today could be the day that will change your life forever. It won’t happen over night. It has taken many years to see how significant that call from Justin really was. Keep moving forward and don’t give up! The mystery of life should excite you. Knowing the end result would spoil the fun. Just hang on and have some fun along the way!

Today’s post is in honor of the last Paradigm of the semester at TSU. I’m praying for you guys and will always believe in the mission of making Dangerous Disciples. Invite someone to come with you because you never know what phone call can change someones life.



3 thoughts on “How an Audition Changed My Life

  1. My husband and I are definitely exploring the idea of new adventures. God has asserted on numerous occasions that we should move forward through the fog. Don’t hang on to certainty, move forward.

    Your post was another reminder of this. Thank you.


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