Walking Captain Video

Have you ever got on YouTube to watch a video and then 3 hours later found yourself still watching videos? Yeah, me either! Out of all the videos I watch on YouTube some of my favorite creators are vloggers. I can’t imagine putting my life on the line via daily videos! They have a lot of guts and creativity. All that said, one reason I started the blog was to push myself creatively so I decided this week to make a 60-second video. I have been inspired by the people I watch on YouTube. So this video is my take on a very short “vlog”.

Afternoon Walk with Captain

It may not look like much but that little video took me 5 hours to shoot and edit. I shot it with my iPhone6+ and edited it in iMovie on my Mac. It isn’t perfect by any means but it is something. I wish I could color grade it and have some shots in focus. I want to get better gear but that won’t automatically make me a better filmmaker. I have heard the best camera is the one you have on you. I am not sure who said it but I am learning to believe it. What good is a $2,000 set up if you never use it? We all carry around a camera and plenty of free apps to edit on every day. We just need to create.

I hope that you will get out there this week and create something. I also want to challenge you to share that something on social media. Art is meant to be appreciated. That is why we go to concerts, watch movies, go to the theater, visit art museums or even watch creative YouTube videos. We love to enjoy art. Not all art appeals to all people but your art will appeal to someone. We all think that we have to reach a million views or likes to make a difference but that is not true. I am learning to find joy in reaching just 1 person. Read Luke 15 and listen to Jesus tell us how he feels about reaching 1 person. Go create my friends and if you inspire 1 person it is worth rejoicing!

Love you all!


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ps. My favorite YouTuber right now is Peter McKinnon check him out!


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